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Please do not confuse this site which is about Thai airlines, with the company Thai Airways! This site aims to give you a introduction to the growing number of Thai airlines that operate both domestic flights in Thailand, as well as international flights to and from Thailand. Tourism in Thailand has been fairly well established on the international arena for some time, with films like The Beach empasising the stunning beauty of Thailand and its many islands. To cope with an increasing number of tourists coming to Thailand, numerous Thai airlines have sprouted. Some have failed, yet others have prospered. Incl
uded in the list of well known Thai airlines are:

Air People International
Angel Airlines
Bangkok Airways
Destination Air Shuttle
Nok Air
One-Two-GO Airlines
Orient Thai Airlines
SGA Airlines
Thai Air Cargo
Thai AirAsia
Thai Airways International
Thai Sky Airlines

Cheap flights with many Thai airlines are now possible from Europe, Australia and the USA. Direct flights operate with some of these airlines from Sydney to Bangkok, London to Koh Samui, New York to Bangkok and more.
Holidays in Thailand can be very cheap, where you can swap your Western prices for Thai. Cheap food, drink, hotels and accommodation are readily available. And now, so too are cheap flights to Thailand with one of the many Thai airlines. These airlines operate from many different airports in Thailand and an ample amount of international airports. Bangkok International Airport (Suvarnabhumi`) is by far the largest airport in Thailand, with the other of Thailands international airports being Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Hat Yai and Phuket.

Often the cheapest flights to Thailand can be through one of the many Thai airlines, but as ever, you have to find these bargains, they wont find you!

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